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Storytellers via photo & film

Crafting refined narratives 
for the lighthearted and playful

We are David & Katie, and we are SO excited that you are here. We are two creatives from the peach state. (Officially, we are photographers based in Georgia) If you are still reading this. You probably vibe with us.... and you're ready for an adventure maybe a National Park or the Dolomites? We are open for suggestions and our bags are packed!

If life gives you lemons give it back and ask for peaches.

hello new friends

You are wanting so much more than "traditional" wedding photos. You want to laugh, run, + dance with your best friend on your day, not staring down the barrel of a camera. 

You would rather frolic in the fields, hike up to the peak of a mountain, or embark on a cross country adventure for the right shots + experience. 

You drink more than 1 cup of coffee a day, let your dog up in your bed, and love hitting up the local brewery. 

We are A Perfect Fit If

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